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Today, Facebook ranks as the second most visited website along the busy internet superhighway. Any business that has a Facebook presence is therefore in a similar situation to gas stations, motels and convenience stores that populate the highways along our major cities and towns: They get great visibility from passersby!

With over 1.23 billion active users on Facebook, it has become the single most effective social media platform for businesses to use in order to build “relationships” with their target demographics. Information about your products and services hosted on your Facebook site can reach a far greater number of prospects than any locally-hosted website can.

With a captive audience of potential customers waiting for them on Facebook, more and more of our clients are turning to us to build customised Facebook Apps so they can tap into that vast market.

Not every content marketer has the skills and technical savvy that it takes to use Facebook as a powerful marketing tool. Our jWebXpress team are highly experienced with The Facebook Platform, Facebook’s native software development environment that helps 3-rd party application developers like us design and develop custom apps to access data from Facebook.

But we also have intimate knowledge about how to create and deploy specialised marketing content that leverages Facebook’s features and standards. Failure to comply with those standards can easily mean Facebook refusing to provide access to these apps. With jWebXpress, our clients have the unique advantage of having a single partner to develop their Facebook Apps as well as integrate unique marketing content for them.