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Gone are the days when the internet was solely used to conduct a Google search, send an email or scan a website. More and more, people are using the internet as their primary means of connecting, communicating and interacting with each other. It has evolved into the method of choice for staying informed.

Everything from checking the weather to doing online banking to making online purchases or internet-based telephony is possible because of advances in internet technologies. Today, the internet has become synonymous with information and communication. Marketers who do not evolve their sales strategies to this new paradigm will soon fade into oblivion!

jWebXpress has tremendous experience in Information & Communication Technology (ICT), and offer a unique ICT Consultation service to our clients. Our approach to ICT is based on:

Our ICT Consulting team is able to use this information to propose a range of solutions that helps SMEs achieve their marketing, sales and growth objectives using information integrated with appropriate communication technologies.

We realized earlier on in our company’s evolution that technology without content is powerless, and content without supporting technologies is ineffective. That’s why our ICT Consultation service brings a powerful mix of both IT and Content Management experts to help our clients achieve and maintain a competitive edge over their competition.