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The age of mobility has already dawned upon us. Clients, prospective customers, potential leads and casual online visitors are continually on the go, spending less and less time in front of their desktop computers. In order for content marketing to be successful therefore, you too should have your content “on the go!”

The smartphone user population is expected to exceed 1.75 billion by 2014. Smart marketers see tremendous marketing potential trapped within that smartphone user base. The question is: Are they smart enough to offer “smart content” so they can get a slice of that potential mobile revenue pie?

At jWebXpress, we’ve seen that mobile revolution coming a long time ago, and have therefore equipped ourselves with the tools, technologies and expertise to take advantage of it. We’ve been at the forefront of Mobile App development, creating web content that is not only supported by conventional desktops, but also by a whole range of mobile devices, including:

Our Mobile App experts don’t just create highly interactive apps that engage users. We’ve also developed deep experience in developing highly engaging mobile-friendly content to support those Apps. Imagine being able to serve up information about your products or services to a potential client anytime, anywhere, 24×7!
The most effective way to promote your products and services is to offer on-the-go access to content about them. At jWebXpress, we’ve mastered that skill down to art form!