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jWebXpress takes great pride in being a “different” kind of website developer. Our differentiation comes from the fact that we don’t just create static websites that replace the traditional product flyers, simply displaying mind-numbing information about your product or service. Instead, our approach to web development is to create highly informative, engaging and captivating web application solutions that help businesses reach out to their target audiences, as well as enable clients and prospects to reach back and communicate with you.

We are also a “needs based” solutions provider. Our websites don’t rely on templates. Instead, we offer website solutions based on the unique needs of our clients, including:

Through our experience, our jWebXpress website development team has perfected a proprietary methodology for building customized websites for our clients. Over the years, this methodology has served us and our clients well when it comes to delivering 100% customer appreciated solutions.

  1. Requirements Identification
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Website Framework
  4. Interface Design
  5. Technical Design

Our web development philosophy is based on a 2-way partnership. Throughout all of our phases we strongly encourage continued consultations between our team and yours. We believe open communication is the best way to ensure we deliver above and beyond your expectations. And that’s yet another distinguishing factor that we pride ourselves on!

Before any technical work is initiated, our experts will consult extensively with the client and understand the purpose for which the website is being built. Increasingly, businesses are going online to be able to interact with their customer base, and to disseminate information to that audience about the company and its products and services.

Our Needs Assessment phase includes identifying the needs of the business, its current customers, and the target audience to ensure that the ultimate website solution meets all of those needs.

Armed with information about the needs of various stakeholders for the website, we set about designing a needs-based information architecture. The central question we address at this stage is:

“When a user visits the website, what is the most sought after information that he/she will need to have in order to make their visit a success?”

jWebXpress understands that a satisfactory website visit experience brings you closer to converting a casual visitor into a paying customer. That’s why we pay special attention to making all relevant content available, including:

  • Information about the products and services you offer
  • Details about their pricing and availability
  • News about promotions and discount campaigns
  • Particulars on how to buy/order the product or service online
  • Customer loyalty plans
  • Facts about after-sales and customer support
  • Sales and Operational manuals
  • Contact information and hours of operation (where relevant)

A well thought out information architecture will end up making detailed content such as these available online to your customer base. This means they will be more likely to take a “buy decision” quicker.

During this phase, the jWebXpress team works closely with you and your team to confirm the real estate for the website. Questions that are kept in mind include:

  • What menu structure is most optimal for the site?
  • What key content should your Homepage contain?
  • How to logically link various co-related content?
  • How easy will it be for other important content to be located?
  • How to project your company’s branding?

All of these discussions and decisions are made in the backdrop of delivering consistency and standardization across the website.

Contrary to many of our competitors, our methodology calls for the Interface Design to commence only after both our teams have agreed on the Website Framework. Designing the interface before the framework is like putting the horse before the cart – it creates ineffective and inefficient web sites!

Some questions we address in this phase include:

  • Logical grouping of content
  • Ease of navigation
  • Consistency of messaging and themes
  • Clarity of headings, menu titles and captions
  • Elements for mobile-enabled sites

Here’s where our technical team weaves their magic to transform the Interface Design into a living website.  This phase of our methodology includes:

  • Development of a detail schedule
  • Assembling all required content and documentation from the client
  • Agreeing on periodic (weekly/bi-weekly) review sessions
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Development of the website