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The New Way To Market Your BusinessCONTENT MARKETING

    Over the past several years it has been noticeable that traditional marketing approaches, such as TV commercials, Newspaper advertisements and Magazine inserts, have become obsolete. A new world of marketing and sales promotion has quickly evolved to take its place. This is the world where information, more so than bells and whistles and hype, serves as currency of choice for consumers. And in this brand new era of business promotion, online content marketing has emerged as the new superhero.
    At its core, content marketing is about consistently producing and disseminating targeted, relevant and valuable content online to customers, prospective leads and casual web visitors with the objective of:

  • Delivering the right amount of information to your audience about what they need and how they should go about getting it
  • Building links between your company, it’s brand and your targeted customer base in order to foster trust, encourage conversion and develop ongoing brand loyalty
  • Retaining existing customers by providing them all relevant information about products and services they have already acquired, as well as offering them relevant content that makes them repeat buyers
  • Content marketing is therefore the art and science of anticipating content requirements across the spectrum of demographics that your company services, and then taking that understanding and moving it to the next level: developing engaging content which serves to further your company’s overall marketing strategy.

    And to help you with your content marketing strategy, you need a trusted, experienced and reliable partner like jWebXpress.

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Experts Behind jWebXpressAbout Us



jWebXpress is the brainchild of two highly motivated internet professionals, who bring over 30 years of combined Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Internet Technology and Internet Marketing experience to the company. The joint founders of the company also bring with them a passion for using their skills and experience to help Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) like you leverage the internet as a potent marketing tool to grow your business.

At the center of jWebXpress’s philosophy of helping our clients is the belief that for companies to survive and thrive in this information era, they must build and maintain a strong presence on the internet. If your customers and prospective clients can’t easily locate you on the information superhighway, they will quickly find someone else – your competition!

In the past, prospective clients found you through media such as Yellowpages or newspaper and magazine advertisements and bulletin flyers. But those days have vanished – much like Yellowpages itself! Many marketers like you are learning the meaning of this new reality: Evolve or perish!

More and more people are now turning online to get a sense of the products and services that are out there, and learn about the SME’s who can address their needs. And no one understands that transformation better than jWebXpress. We are committed to helping SMEs like you market your products and services using a much more focused and targeted approach than before. And we do this through innovative and highly effective content marketing.

If you need a strong and committed partner to help you integrate content management systems and web-based apps to help you market your products and services online, then you’ve come to the right place!

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